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Merry Christmas

Friday, October 19, 2018

Before Wedding Preparations

Heft Wedding 2018

It feels good to sit and write, it’s been too long. Is it just me or is life crazy, right now? Not complaining just an observation. It feels amazing to pour out all that’s on my mind on a piece of paper, or in other words the computer. To be honest, I’m laying down crooked up on my bed watching Gilmore Girls. I weirdly have this annual cue that goes off, when it hit falls, that I need to restart all the Gilmore girls! Gilmore Girls are the definition of fall, don’t ask me why this is, it just is. Never mind that let's get into today’s post.

My sister’s favorite time of the year is, drumroll… fall, of course, no questions asked, to have her fairytale wedding, would be on September 22nd. Nonetheless, the date was set, and the wedding preparations were in the works. Mind you, the wedding was in Portland so you can imagine the first day of fall, felt and looked like fall. As a Californian you know it doesn’t have a great track record of fall feeling like fall. My sister asked me to be her photographer. I was extremely honored and blessed to first off, have my sister put so much faith in me doing this, and thinking that I would capture her amazing day, and secondly having the opportunity to shoot an actual wedding. The weather app said it would be partly cloudy with a chance of rain. Partly cloudy is the ideal weather for taking pictures, less glare and brightness and more focus on the object.

Fast forward, the day was magical and smooth. Pauline (my sister) wanted a small wedding consisting of just family and friends. Which, to be honest, took the weight off by 10,000 notches, fewer people to herd. Everyone was so easy going and cooperative. I hope you enjoyed all these photos as much as we did.


Sunday, August 19, 2018

Homemade Face Masque

Heyo, heyo friends, I wanted to make a quick and easy post since I was making a homemade face mask and thought everything was looking very aesthetic so why not share with y’all what I put on my face. Not gonna lie I stole this recipe from Pinterest. But it was overall quick, easy, and super hydrating! It made my face super plump, and clean. I just came home from being in the sun 247 so I was wayyy overdue for a “facelift.” I also love this homemade face mask because all the ingredients are ingredients you will have in your house no matter what!! So lemme tell y’all what’s in it!

- Tbsp honey 
- Tbsp olive oil 
- 1/4 cup blueberries 

Just mix it all up and smash the blueberries and you got your own homemade face mask! I left my mask on for 10-15 minuets! Quick and easy! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Portland, OR

Isn't this view beautiful? This was the spot we met my mom's biological father. Also, Inga (my pup) was having a hard time "posing" had to take initiative.

My family and I planned a trip to Oregon, a while back, we all agreed to stay for the weekend. It was only going to be a quick getaway, no questions asked, we were ultimately coming up to meet my mom’s biological father!!! However, my sister, who lives in Portland, and I have been itching for time together and for me to stay for a week or more, but it has been so hard to find a window where she’s off work. Fortunately, the weekend we were coming up, was the weekend before the fourth of the July, which meant she was off! It was the PERFECT opportunity to stay with her. My parents stayed for the weekend and left me with my sister and her fiancĂ©. Words cannot explain how much I needed to come up to Oregon, especially Portland! We road tripped up, I love road trips, however, the drive up to Portland is an additional five hours which is a bit taxing. I mean once you’re committed and in the right state of mind it's less daunting haha! We did have a pitstop in Roseburg, where my Great Grandma lives and got quality time with her but soon left for Portland! 
Heres the menu to the Tin Roof restaurant. 

Tin Roof – Once we arrived in Portland we were STARVING, so as soon as possible we went out to go eat. We went to a quaint place called the Tin Roof. I have really grown a soft spot for Portland and enjoyed their quirky names and atmosphere! I was obsessed with this place. It wasn’t too loud or too quiet.  

Atmosphere: The Tin Roof was small, comfortable, and charming! It was divided into three sections: Inside, the in-between section, and the patio. The “in between” section had a sunroof and opened to the patio, so it wasn’t quite separated from the outdoors like inside but wasn’t entirely the patio, it was confusing.

Food: The food was light and portioned, I always find, the less you have the more quality it is – the food was like this. For our starter we ordered biscuits with jam and butter, oh my goodness guys, this was soooooo good! I thought it was random having biscuits as a starter but boy it was not a disappointment. For my main dish, I got mac n cheese that was to die for! Whenever I eat mac n cheese I always feel super sick and stuffed, but it was perfect.

Salt and Straw -   
Atmosphere: Salt and Straw was a quaint ice cream shop we hopped on over after our dinner at the Tin Roof. This place was soooo packed, it was insane! We got to bypass it all since the line was for an ice cream cone and we were getting pints.

Food: We settled on the almond brittle, and sea salt caramel pints! And it was to DIE for!!!

City State - For breakfast the next morning, we all agreed to go to our favorite breakfast place that is super famous for its Eggs Benedict.

Atmosphere: The City State's restaurant is such a fun, active place! It was my second time coming here. They have the inside and the patio, which the patio was more of table’s-on-the-sidewalk patio!!!

Food: If you were to come here order the EGGS BENEDICT, I highly, HIGHLY, recommend it! My mom and always try the Eggs Benedict when we get breakfast from a restaurant its sort of our tradition now and City State was the first time I tried Eggs Benedict too and got that started for me!!!

The Pods – For lunch, we went to a food trunk pit stop, aka the pods. The pods probably make the hardiest, soul food EVER! We ordered from a BBQ pod and got a sampler that contained a sample of everything. Boy, was it GOOD! Portland is surrounded by pods, I highly recommend trying them out!

Atmosphere: I mean where can you go wrong with a gut truck, the atmosphere is always a mini experience with chill people and fun music. 

Food: You can tell by the quality of food at pods because you know that this is their legacy and they want to give you their BEST! The food consisted: baked beans, ribs, brisket, coleslaw, cornbread, sausage etc. it was beyond anything I’ve had! Super hardy and sooooo good.
Love this dress. It's one of my fave's, it's a wrap dress from Brandy Melville. 

This is my sister's adorable flower garden. It was so luscious. One of my favorite flowers is foxgloves too.  

This was one of our views from the Thunder Island Brewing restauraunt. 


Thunder Island Brewing – We landed here to meet my mom’s biological father. It was hard deciding where an appropriate place would be to meet for the first time and this place did not disappoint.

Atmosphere: The Thunder Island Brewing was an incredible place. It had one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen, it had a river, a camping ground, a place to fish, a place to put a boat on the water, and of course the restaurant. It had everything, and it was beautiful!

Food: Not going to lie we weren’t hungry and only got drinks here, the only food we did get was nachos for all of us to pick at. The nachos were good but if I had one complaint it would be that they didn’t have many chips and an overload of toppings. So, if you’re into toppings more than chips I highly recommend it.

Multnomah Falls – After spending most our day at thunder island brewing we wanted to show my dad incredible waterfalls that I got to see my last trip. There’s a bridge you can hike up to get a closer look too!


  •         Pack accordingly. Check the weather before packing. My biggest mistake was packing almost all shorts and came to realize that the whole week was windy and chilly.
  •        Plan the plan work the plan. This is literally my dads saying. With a large crowd (there were five of us) it can be hard to make decisions, so if you plan ahead of time it is a lot easier to get things done!
  •       Pack the essentials wherever you’re going. There may be a spontaneous idea thrown out there so not having any of your essentials can be hard to be open to them.
  •    Have FUN! Be open minded, easy going, and with the flow. 
This is the FAMOUS Eggs Benedict!!!

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